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37 Top Chefs and their Favourite Cooking Tools

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37 Top Chefs and their Favourite Cooking Tools

Most of us can confess to having at least one beloved bit of kitchen equipment we prize above all others. Whether it has purely stood the test of time, survived every house move and become a trusted member of the kitchen cooking tools arsenal, or whether it simply holds priceless sentimental value, like the wooden spoon your grandmother once used to make bechamel sauce.

From colanders to cake stands or even your grandather's skillet – author Erin Murray's book pays tribute to the kitchen's unsung heroes. 37 chefs, from Jody Adams and Andrew Zimmern to Virginia Willis and Chris Kimball reveal the stories behind their favourite kitchen tools; from how they came to acquire them to the importance they hold for them in their kitchen.

And the sentiments don't stop there, budding home chefs are also given the opportunity to try out some of the professional chefs' recipes attached to their invaluable cooking tools, giving readers the chance to fall in love with their coveted colanders too. 

See more industry insights in these two chef memoirs and find out what it takes to enter a professional kitchen and what it is that keeps them there.

A colander, cake stand, and my grandfather's iron skillet is available from 15 July.

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