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Cooking for Geeks, a Book by Jeff Potter

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Cooking for Geeks, a Book by Jeff Potter

Scientifically speaking, what happens to a steak when it’s been burnt to a crisp on the barbeque? Is it possible to learn how to cook cutlets while, at the same time, revising the chemistry of covalent bonds? For geeks everything can be a thought of in terms of a formula or a causal relationship, and so even the kitchen can be turned into a science lab. And judging from the success the new manual for the perfect ‘tech-cook’ is enjoying, a new literary genre is emerging too – one for the scientist who likes doing his or her research over the stove.

A cookbook of recipes and scientific explanations was published not long ago, in fact, which has been very popular amongst those ‘techies’ who love cooking (and the chemistry of their ingredients). It’s called Cooking for Geeks, and it’s not by chance that it was put together by Jeff Potter and published by O'Reilly Media, most famous for his very technical manuals on computer programming language and creating computer software. It’s also enjoyable for people who don’t enjoy chewing over the principles of physics, though: keep it open next to the oven and it’ll transform your kitchen into an alchemists’ workshop.

Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food  
By Jeff Potter
Publisher O'Reilly Media

To purchase the volume click here.

Photo courtesy O'Reilly Media

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