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Cooking with Kids: 5 Food Books You Can't Miss

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Cooking with Kids: 5 Food Books You Can't Miss

If you love your food and would be happy for your children to experience the same kind of passion, here are a few reading tips to help them make their acquaintance with the world of taste.

Pancakes, Pancakes!, by Eric Carle
It’s the Alice in Wonderland of the art of making pancakes. From, eggs flour and milk to the pouring of the maple syrup, a joyride where breakfast and farmland meet.

To market, to market, by Nikki McClure
Follow mother and son to the market with this colourful picture book. You’ll learn everything about produce, how it is grown and how it reaches your plate.

Anatole, by Eve Titus
Gourmet mouse Anatole earns a living as an (uninvited) tester for an Parisian cheesemaker. His job turns the producer into the best one in town.

Bread and Jam for Frances, by Russell and Lillian Hoban
Frances is a little badger and a very fussy eater: she only likes bread and jam. Her mother’s lunchbox will save her from eating bread and jam all her life…

Hubert the Pudge: a Vegetarian Tale, by Henrik Drescher
Follow a little pudge in the wild for a wondrous adventure and a suggestion to think, if not about vegetarianism, of a more humane way to treat the animals we turn to for our food.

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