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Three Specialist Books to Bring You up to Speed on Cheese, Meat and Game

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Three Specialist Books to Bring You up to Speed on Cheese, Meat and Game

De-mystify some commonly overlooked or misunderstood ingredients in these three stellar specialist cooking books.

Learn more about how to eat meat responsibly and hone your knife skills, when to eat certain cheese and why as well as what game you could be enjoying in a number of traditional recipes. See more below.

1) The Ethical Meat Handbook: Complete Home Butchery, Charcuterie and Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore
by Meredith Leigh (Author)

If you’re confused by the myriad of contradictory advice on meat consumption available this practical hands on guide offers up some clear and simple solutions. Not only does it challenge some mis-conceptions surrounding meat production it leans towards self-reliance and some basic butchery skills encouraging a sustainable and domestic approach to meat consumption.

Charcuterie and culinary highlights are also included helping us further get creative with nose to tail eating.  

Available from Amazon

2) A Year in Cheese: A Seasonal Cheese Cookbook
by Leo Guarneri (Author), Alex Guarneri (Author), Kim Lightbody (Photographer), Alessandro Grano (Contributor)

The team behind the famous French artisan cheese shop, Androuet, pay homage to the fromage in this specialist cheesebook which introduces the notion of seasonal cheese.

A brief introduction highlights which cheeses are at their prime at which time of the year reminding us of their connection with the dairy animal. Dozens of excellent cheese recipe follow on reminding us of the delights of gooey baked Vacherin in winter or a Fleur de Maquis with spring vegetables.

Available from Amazon

3) The Claire MacDonald Game Cookbook
by Claire MacDonald (Author)

Many people are switching on to the versatility, flavour and variety offered by game meat. If you’re not yet initiated into cooking with game, Claire Macdonald’s Game Cookbook is the perfect choice to bring you up to speed.

Both living and cooking in the Highlands, Scotland, Macdonald draws on her practical experience to cover a wide breadth of traditional game recipes, but her real strength is in highlighting the wide variety of game available to cooks.  From pheasant and wild duck to wild boar and wild salmon she also details which ingredients to best pair them with as well as the best suited accompanying sauces and jellies.

Available from Amazon

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