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America's Best Photographer's Recipes Revealed in New Cookbook

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America's Best Photographer's Recipes Revealed in New Cookbook

It's been 40 years in the making, but the moment has finally arrived when fans of food and photography will have the chance to enjoy the unearthed recipes of some of America's best photographers in 'The Photographer's Cookbook'.

Most of the contributing talent is from contemporary photographers from around the 1970s when the project initially began. The collection is the result of a lucky find of a stash of photos and recipes that had been left dormant in the store room of the George Eastman Museum for decades. Some 50 black and white photos, peppered with a few colour shots, have been given fresh life along with corresponding personal recipes.

The cookbook project originally grew from "the idea that photographers’ talent in the darkroom must also translate into special skills in the kitchen." And with some bespoke recipes to match it seems the photographers have managed to live up to expectations.

Retro favourites include; 'Robert Adams’s Big Sugar Cookies, Ansel Adams’s Poached Eggs in Beer, Richard Avedon’s Royal Pot Roast, Imogen Cunningham’s Borscht, William Eggleston’s Cheese Grits Casserole, Stephen Shore’s Key Lime Pie Supreme, and Ed Ruscha’s Cactus Omelet, to name a few."

Here's a peek inside:

For Nylen's frankfurters you'll need 48 frankfurters and 48 buns to feed a party of 24 people and that's before you get started on the eclectic toppings:

Grant Mudford's Massive Pavlova:

Ansel Adams's Eggs Poached in Beer  includes strong ale and a dash of sherry amongst its ingredient list.

The Photographer’s Cookbook is due to be published in June 2016 by Aperture.

If you enjoy food photography without the filter, take a look at Martin Parr's collection of picutures in Real Food.

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