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Chefs Reveal their Favourite Cookbooks

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Chefs Reveal their Favourite Cookbooks

Tucked in amongst our trusted stash of cookbooks there's always that one definitive book. The tried and tested, food stained and thumbed stalwart that has seen us faithfully through our formative cooking years, from our first bechamel sauce to three course dinner parties and celebratory cakes.

And now, in a world first, author Jenny Linford, has given us a through the keyhole glimpse into the personal favourites of some of the best modern chefs around in 'The Chef's Library'."Part reference, part culinary exploration" Linford sensitively details those iconic cookbooks which helped to inspire famous chefs and shape their culinary identity.

Dipping into the libraries of 70 chefs and names like Daniel HummJamie Oliver, Sean Brock, Tom Kerridge, Tom Colicchio, the reader is given unusual insight into their formative years and the books, authors and most importantly, chefs, that sooner or later resonated with their preferred cooking style and culinary ambition.

Find out how Corey Lee discoverd 'The Great Chefs of France' age 19,  what keeps Jason Atherton coming back to 'The French Laundry' cookbook as well as many other iconic chefs personal choices. Linford also covered some iconic cookbooks like Blumenthal's The Big Fat Duck Cookbook that have stood the test of time that would make a fitting collection to any aspiring cooks shelves. 

A useful guide for anyone fascinated by the spread of cookbooks and those that are most highly regarded, or indeed for anyone curious to find out the inspiration behind some of the most iconic cooks of our time.

Chef's Library: Favorite Cookbooks from the World's Great Kitchens Hardcover – October 11, 2016 by Jenny Linford (Author)


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