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Charr and Scruff - The New Way to Grill

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Charr and Scruff - The New Way to Grill

The new cookbook that aims to change the way you BBQ. Written by chef Adam Perry Lang who has worked at some of Americas top restaurants, the chef with a fine dining eye who has now turned his attention to grills and BBQs.

Called Charred and Scruffed, Lang presents some pretty crazy grilling techniques - from clinching to scruffing, each technique is aimed at improving the flavor of your grilled meats and with summer just round the corner it's a new look on the tried and tested BBQ cookbook.

The LA Times has a full review of the book that goes in to more detail as to what exactly clinching entails. The book seems to be a new way of looking at the way we BBQ and grill meat and anyone who promises to make grilled steak taste better is good in our eyes.

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