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New 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Mill for Cheese, Chocolate and Nut Lovers

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New 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Mill for Cheese, Chocolate and Nut Lovers

Grating and shaving can create kitchen havoc where chocolate, cheese and nuts are concerned, with more frequently hitting the kitchen counter or floor than the chosen target.

Fortunately Cole and Mason have come up with a handy solution which allows us to say goodbye to rogue crumbs and hello to a fresh delivery of grated parmesan slap bang into the middle of a steaming bowl of spaghetti. Step in the new Stainless Steel, Cheese, Chocolate & Nut Mill.

An ingenious looking kitchen tool the three in one stainless steel mill is designed to grate or shave essential kitchen ingredients either during cooking in the kitchen, or tableside. Contained inside the stainless steel vessel chocolate, cheese or nuts are are milled as in a traditional salt or pepper mill meaning minimum mess and fuss.

Once finished with milling the leftover contents can be kept fresh inside the vessel with a seal fresh cap either on the kitchen counter until next time or in the fridge. A viewing window also makes assessing the fill level easy without having to unscrew the lid.

Cole and Mason have even developed a seasoning school where you can find recipes suited to your gadget.

It’s not one size fits all either. Two handy interchangeable different sized blades mean you can chop and change depending on the size of grain you’re going for. Handily the blades can also be stored in the lid when out of use. 

Cole and Mason's website also assures us it’s also easy to clean in between which is good news if you want to avoid cheesy chocolate.

The mill retails at £24.99 from Cole and Mason, or Williams-Sonoma for $29.95. Coming soon.

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