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Juicero: World's First At-Home Cold-Press Juicer

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Juicero: World's First At-Home Cold-Press Juicer
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The Juicero could be the Nespresso of juicers. "The world's first at–home cold–press juicer" uses pre-packaged, prepared and chopped fruit and vegetables that have been rejected by stores for being aesthetically undesirable, offering “farm to glass” juicing.

The cold–press juicer works with the force of 3600kg (8000lbs) and has a door made of aviation–grade aluminium. However, it only operates when connected to a Wi–Fi network – it scans the QR code of each sachet of fruit and vegetables and then searches online to confirm whether they are within expiration date. If not, it won’t juice.


The Juicero cold–press juicer also has added sustainability points as the sachets are recyclable and can even be returned to the company. The product is a collaboration between Juicero and Fuseproject, the studio of Yves Behar, the man behind the Vessyl smartcup. Sachets are priced between $6 (£4) and $10 (£7) each, while the machine itself comes in at $699 (£485).

At present, it’s only available to consumers in California. Watch the video below to see it how it works.

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