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An Indestructible Coffee Machine

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An Indestructible Coffee Machine

Some things in life really do need to be indestructible - the black box on a plane, for example, is one of these things and now, apparently, coffee machines have also joined the list.

That’s right, if you’re sick of your coffee machine accidentally being crushed by monster truck, or fear your portable brewer might get scratched during your day job as a bomb disposal expert, this gadget is just for you.

The indestructible coffee machine, aka Coffeeboxx, is being pitched as ‘the world’s first ruggedized brewer’ and is aimed at manual working coffee lovers who need their machine on site or weekend adventurers who like the taste of coffee only when if it’s been brewed during a 500ft plunge from the top of a waterfall.

All jokes aside, the device is extremely durable and is aimed at everyone from campers, to hunters, boaters, to tailgaters. The makers say that the machine is so rugged you can actually park a car on it, though this isn’t a special feature that’s encouraged.

The makers of Coffeeboxx are currently seeking funding to launch their device and with $43,000 of a $50,000 goal already pledged, it seems we can expect to see videos of people trying to destroy the machine as early as March 2015.

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