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5 of the Best New Coffee Gadgets

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5 of the Best New Coffee Gadgets
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With world coffee consumption at an all–time high, it seems like every week new coffee gadgets are being developed to help us get the most out of our cup of joe: whether that's recreating our favourite brew at home or jazzing–up a cappuccino with some personalised coffee art. Here are five of the best coffee gadgets to emerge in 2016.

5 of the Best New Coffee Gadgets

1. Ikawa, the home coffee bean roaster

Ikawa is a digital home coffee been roaster that can easily sit on a countertop and is controlled via your smartphone. Read more.


2. HIFA mushroom farm

HIFA is a coffee maker that doubles as a fungi farm, using the coffee grinds as fertiliser – an age–old trick. Read more.


3. Prisma

Love cold brew, but don’t want to wait up to 12 hours for it to be ready? Prisma will brew you a fresh pot of perfect cold brew in around 10 minutes, its makers say. Read more.


4. Grindenstein

The Grindenstein is a knock box for coffee grinds, so you can act barista at home – just don’t go writing your guests’ names on their coffee cups that would be strange. It’s virtually indestructible too. Read more.


5. Ripple Maker

The Ripple Maker allows baristas to print personalised coffee art onto coffee foam using a patented coffee extract. Customers can select from a library of designs or upload their own via an app. Read more.

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