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Coffee Flour: What Is It? How Can I Use It?

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Coffee Flour: What Is It? How Can I Use It?
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Move over coconut flour. There's a new gluten-free kid on the block ready to energize all your baking needs. We're talking about coffee flour, an eco-friendly flour that is also a nutritional powerhouse.

What Is Coffee Flour?

Coffee flour is made from discarded coffee cherries. The flour was devised as a way to repurpose coffee waste and is the brainchild of Vancouver startup CF Global Holdings, Inc. and Intellectual Ventures.

Coffee flour comes in various shades of brown depending on where it was harvested.

What Does Coffee Flour Taste Like?

Although the flour looks like powdered coffee it doesn’t taste like coffee at all. Instead, it has floral notes and a fruity flavor which makes it incredibly versatile in different preparations.

What Are The Benefits of Coffee Flour?

Coffee flour is highly nutritious. It contains five times more fiber than whole grain wheat flour, three times more protein than kale and three times more iron than fresh spinach, according to the product website.  

How Can I Use Coffee Flour?

Coffee flour has less caffeine than a cup of joe and can be added to granola, cookies, cakes, breads, pastas and countless savory dishes.

It is especially delicious when paired with chocolate, as in the case of brownies or flourless chocolate cake.


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Currently, coffee flour is being produced in Hawaii, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Vietnam. Find out how it's made:

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