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Now you can cultivate mushrooms on your balcony

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Now you can cultivate mushrooms on your balcony

We've featured a number of stories about the emerging 'grow your own' scene taking place across the world on FDL. From the rooftop gardens of New York to small wine and beer brewing kits found in many homes. But the latest grow your own kit to catch our eye is Mushrooms.

Back to the Roots is a social enterprise that offers mushroom growing kits for the home. The kits are well packaged and offer fungi lovers the chance to create their own gourmet mushrooms without the need for any botanical expertise.  But what's really interesting and unique about this product is that, rather than using the traditional spores to initiate mushroom growth, these kits use waste coffee beans.

Developed by two Berkeley students, Alex Velez and Nikhil Arora, the kits come in a number of styles and we're told to expect some new products from the pair in 2012.

Here is a video of the pair explaining their project:

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