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Old School Cocktail Computer Takes Mixology Back to Manual

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Old School Cocktail Computer Takes Mixology Back to Manual

Did you know that almost every popular or classic cocktail can be created with a stock of 24 ingredients?

Neither did we. Fortunately this is exactly what Lily Szajnberg has found out on the trail of her new retro invention the 'Cocktail Computer' currently seeking funds through Kickstarter.

Essentially a stock of 100 'reliable' and ’curated recipes', the Cocktail Computer is designed to assist the amateur bar person or the understocked bar person find recipes they like from a maximum of 24 ingredients.

See what Lily has to say about her new invention:

As well as being something of a blue retro beauty the computer 'technology' is based on one of the original programming techniques used for computers back in the day that involved punched cards. Handily this 'technology' lends itself well to modern cocktail selection.  

How does it work?

Available ingredients are selected, for example gin and lemon, a pin is then inserted into the ingredient's corresponding pin hole in the computer and corresponding recipe cards containing both Gin and lemon eg Tom Collins, Bees Knees and Gin Sour, are produced. Ultimately it's a simple manual way of saving the modern day habit of trawling through the internet of pouring through cookbooks on an aimless mission when you need a simple solution.

”I wanted a way for cocktail lovers of any experience level to be able to find reliable, curated cocktail recipes based on the ingredients they like and can easily keep in their home.” Lily says.

How much is it?

So far, just over $12,000 has been pledged towards an end target of $50,000 with the impending deadline of November 7th. You can pick up your own cocktail computer for $45 from kickstarter.

The recipe picks also double up as a handy way to skewer cherries or olives in your final cocktail.

If you prefer your mixology with belts and braces, have you seen the Mixstik? With flashing lights and cocktail app mixing technology this may be what your parties have been missing.

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