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The Futuristic Chopping Board

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The Futuristic Chopping Board

We love a good kitchen gadget at FDL HQ and spend a lot of time looking at futuristic cooking concepts. From a fridge with a brain to the coffee machine you can text, even a toaster you can roll like a piece of paper - we've examined a whole range of gadgets, concepts and futuristic products.

Even though we have seen a lot, the latest concept seems to be the one with the most practical use in the kitchen. The concept is a regular chopping board that features a built in weighing scale and there is talk of using electronic ink within the design to create the display, something that could really have a big effect on the way people cook at home.

Conceptualised by Jim termeer and Jess Giffin a duo from the U.S., the idea highlights the importance of precise measurements in cooking and with the simple inclusion of a scale this concept allows users to measure all their ingredients as they chop - a simple and effective way of getting people to focus on the amount of ingredients they use. What we like most? The ability to master to start to perfect and master recipes by paying attention to the detail of cooking.

The device is not yet available but the concept designer believes they could be commercially available within 2-3 years.

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