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Knife and Chopping Board Oils

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Knife and Chopping Board Oils

We talk a lot about looking after your tools in the kitchen, none more so than your knife. We’ve offered a number of videos on different methods for sharpening and maintaining your chef knives but have you considered oiling them?

If you use carbon steel knives then this is a great way to maintain your knife and these wonderful bottles would make a great looking gift for any chef friends.

The oil is made from natural ingredients: food grade white mineral oil, food grade pressed clove essential oil and bee propolis (also known as bee glue, it’s made by bees when they are constructing hives).

Another interesting product the company offer is a range of oils that can be used to condition wooden chopping boards. This oil is available in two styles, lemon and rosemary essence, and can be used to condition anything that requires oil for regular maintenance - though we wouldn’t recommend putting it in the car.

Here’s a video showing you how to oil a wooden chopping board.

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