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Gourmet Chocolate Bribe: Free Chocolate For A Good Deed

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Gourmet Chocolate Bribe: Free Chocolate For A Good Deed

Do you remember the bribes from your parents when you were a kid? If you behaved, they'd take you out for ice cream, buy you candy or that toy you had been dreaming of. Well, it seems bribing can work with adults too, especially if it involves gourmet chocolate.

Wanting to make the world a better place, Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg set up a campaign were you could earn free chocolate for your good deeds. At the one-day only pop-up Generous Store, chocolate had price tags  like ''talk nicely to your mother for a week'', or ''serve breakfast in bed to your loved one.''

In order to be rewarded  with the free chocolate, you had to prove your good behavior. As shown in the video, using the shop's iPad, buyers were required to post a promise on Facebook and sent it to a friend who could confirm if the good deeds were carried out. The campaign is in line with the company's slogan: You Can Never Be Too Generous.

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