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Chewable Coffee Cubes

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Chewable Coffee Cubes

Could we all be carrying round a packet of coffee chews in the future? The Nootrobox company from Silicon Valley certainly think so and they’re hoping the packet n your pocket will be one of their Go Cubes.

Nootrobox have created chewable coffee shots that equate to around half a cup of coffee in one hit and they’re now looking to generate $20,000 on the Indiegogo website to make them a reality for all of us.

The cubes are made with cold brew coffee and the company are hoping to make them available in three flavours: pure drip, mocha and latte.

The pitch is a little off the wall but it seems that people like the idea with over $8,000 raised so far.

Take a look at the video below to find out more.

GO CUBES - Indiegogo from Nootrobox on Vimeo.

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