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ChefSteps Bring Sous Vide to The Home User

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ChefSteps Bring Sous Vide to The Home User

Our friends at ChefSteps are the font of all food knowledge when it comes to new and highly creative ways of cooking. They've shown us everything from how to make molecular eggs on toast and chocolate caviar through to exploding paprika and milk powder.

Their latest culinary quest looks set to be no different, wowing us once again with what they are billing as a "kitchen revolution" - a secret kitchen weapon for sous vide cooking. 

It's the result of three years experimentation and it's smaller than a rolling pin, a sous vide immersion circulator the team have christened "Joule."

Photo: Courtesy of ChefSteps

Drawer sized Joule

At just 11 inches tall Joule is designed to live in "your top drawer or your countertop," making it “the world’s smallest and most powerful sous vide immersion circulator”.

What's more, the device links to a clever app within smartphone device allowing users to have a visual control over what they're cooking. They also promise that it's quiet and 'lighter than a lobster.'

Looks are everything

Users will be able to assess the cooking of their steak and the level of done-ness by quickly looking at visual display on their smart phone. After programming the app, the device will do the rest, which leaves you to retrieve your steak and, well, eat it. 

Here's a video that explains more. 

Joule can be pre-ordered on for a discounted price of $199 until January 16th 2016, the price will then increase to $299. Pre-orders will begin shipping in May 2016. with overseas purchases available from late 2016

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    This is all well and good, but it doesn't exactly shift the sous-vide paradigm forward in any way, does it ? I've just pre-ordered a Mellow and that's a real step forward! Cooling system and remote control make it a more interesting proposition than the joule!

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