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Gourmet Shopping: Chef Massimo Bottura's Online Shop

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Gourmet Shopping: Chef Massimo Bottura's Online Shop

Massimo Bottura is renowned for the attention he pays to every ingredient he puts in his dishes: his website offers a shop where you can purchase his favourite items.

On the website of his restaurant in Modena, the Osteria Francescana, Massimo Bottura shares several secrets of his profession with passionate foodies and lovers of exceptional Italian cuisine around the world.

In the Bottega Francescana area, it’s also possible to purchase the same products that Bottura has developed exclusively, carrying the brand name Villa Manodori. Some examples of these high-quality products? Extra-virgin olive oil from three varieties of olives grown in a small village near Arezzo: at the Osteria Francescana, it’s served uncooked as well as the foundation for many dishes, including the “Sud”, an award-winning, olive-oil based gelato. There are also extra-virgin olive oil infusions (with rosemary, chili peppers and black pepper, with lemon, with garlic or with ginger), as well as the best champagnes, which the chef proposes to accompany his gnocco fritto (friend bread dumplings), for an unusual pairing between France and Emilia Romagna.

And don’t forget the traditional balsamic vinegar, which is available in different versions and varieties: organic, refined, extra-aged, or aged in cherry wood barrels. Traditional balsamic vinegar is a symbol of Modena’s historical gastronomical excellence, and Bottura plays tribute to this iconic condiment in his dishes, and with a product line that he has personally overseen. Massimo Bottura has even written a book about traditional balsamic vinegar, and what better way to discover the secrets of this “ancient” and yet contemporary ingredient, if not from a tried and true Modenese chef like Bottura?


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