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This is Why You Should Treat Fire with Respect

By FDL on

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This is Why You Should Treat Fire with Respect

You’d think that chefs who work with fire all day would have a better idea of how to treat it with respect. Especially in a packed dining room full of customers.

This bizarre clip from twitter shows a chef, flambéing steak beside a table with naked flame and dousing everything, apparently in alchohol to keep the fire burning.


Health and Safety regulations don’t seem to be factored in here at all. Anyone with even the slightest experience of cooking would recognise the danger of pouring alcohol from a pan over flames and the mind boggles at how this chef thought it was a good idea.

On the plus side, the sprinkler system seems to be in order and while the restaurant probably lost its business for the whole night, and then some, it looks like no one got hurt.

Glad the chef could see the funny side of it though.

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