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Cheetos Flavored Macarons

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Cheetos Flavored Macarons

A violent orange macaron is taking over the palates of food editors worldwide. Do we like it, do we hate it. No matter the answer, they all agree it's something so daring it deserves an applause.

Who is experimenting with the French macarons? Since Ladurée has opened shop in New York City, macarons have been allegedly kicking off the pedestal cupcakes. 

Riding the popularity train, Manhattan's Macaron Parlour, owned by Simon Tung and wife Christina Ha, started experimenting with the dessert, 

America is indeed the land of sour and sweet, jelly beans can confirm some strange flavors of their own. So what happened to macarons, and why are we intrigued? 

After putting on the menu a bacon flavored one, Christina Ha felt inspired by Cheetos. The cheesy twist is now out there creating a wave of enthusiasm. 

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