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Watch These Captivating Cake Decorating Robots

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Watch These Captivating Cake Decorating Robots
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

There's something poetic about a making a cake from scratch, pouring your heart into the recipe and decorating your dessert by hand. Then there are mass-produced cakes made by machines that lack that personal touch. However, even if you prefer homemade goodies you'll be nothing but captivated by the cake decorating robots in the videos below.

These demo videos show the graceful and impecable work of cake decorating machines sold by Unifiller, a company that specializes in selling industrial equipment for baking and food processing. 

Each twist, twirl and swirl from the robots results in perfectly frosted cakes in just seconds. The machines aren't as fancy as the Bakebot but their extraordinary work speaks for itself.

Watching the cake decorating robots in action is really quite a treat. Feast your eyes on these videos and swing by YouTube if you are interested in seeing more:

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