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The End of Hard Butter on Soft Bread

By FDL on

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The End of Hard Butter on Soft Bread

There’s nothing worse than watching your bread break because the butter is just too hard. You have a few options: leave it out of the fridge, however, the butter never lasts as long that way. You can buy the spreadable version but that never tastes the same, you can try all number of methods to heat just enough butter to spread it evenly or, thanks to this new Kickstarter project, you can use the ButterUp knife.

Created by DM Initiatives, it’s such a simple design that it’s hard to understand why nobody has thought about it before.

The knife has a simple grater style design on the blunt side allowing a person to ‘aerate and soften butter’ before it’s even touched the bread.

The knife is specifically designed to help people butter bread and if you want it there’s still 15 days left to invest in the concept on Kickstarter.

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