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Never Spill Water Again with the Brrrrr Ice Cube Tray

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Never Spill Water Again with the Brrrrr Ice Cube Tray

As the heat of summer slowly approaches yo may find yourself dusting of the ice trays to fill them for the coming months. However, you may also start to remember how difficult it can sometimes be to get the cubes to leave the tray.

If you have memories of bending, twisting and eventually banging your tray only to find shards of broken ice all over the kitchen counter then take a look at this funky ice tray design from Black and Blum.

Rather than have your panicked walk from tap to fridge in which you desperately try to keep all the water in the tray only to find there's not enough room in the freezer. This ice cube holder is filled vertically and allows excess water to run off as it's place horizontally on the freezer shelf.

When the cubes are ready all you have to do is give it one nice bang, open the lid and out come your cubes.





Via Food Beast

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