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Introducing Brik: The Smashing Chocolate "Terrazzo" Tile

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Introducing Brik: The Smashing Chocolate "Terrazzo" Tile

The latest frontier in food design is called Brik Chocolate Terrazzo and it's a chocolate that looks just like a slab of Terrazzo (a decorative flooring tile).

The Winner of the Wallpaper Design Award 2019, was designed by Danish designer Kia Utzon-Frank, founder of Kuf Studios: a product that seamlessly blends the creativity of design with the art of chocolate making. Various flavors of the eye catching tiles have also been developed in collaboration with the British head pastry chef at Harrods,  Alistair Birt.

The handcrafted new tiles are as spectacular on the palate as they are on the eye: in fact, with each bite, it's possible to appreciate their different aromatic nuances, thanks to a mix of herbs and spices, which are infused and layered. The special colour effects are obtained thanks to natural dyes, from spirulina - giving the characteristic blue tones - to vegetable carbon.

Eating Brik is also fun and interactive: the chocolate has been designed to be tasted individually (in the form of cards) or smashed into bite size pieces with a special miniature hammer.

Flavours range from chocolate to caramel, with inserts of blue spirulina, passion fruit with a touch of salt to 75% dark chocolate infused with orange peel, combined with toasted black sesame and activated charcoal, through to ruby ​​pink chocolate with a delicately fruity flavor, scented with citronella leaves, ginger, lime and spirulina.

Info on where you can buy Brik Terazzo Tile to follow soon!

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