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Cutlery with Built In Bottle Openers

By FDL on

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Cutlery with Built In Bottle Openers
There’s never a bootle opener to hand when you really need one. It’s one of those age old problems, as soon as you have that ice cold beer in your hand, just seconds away from that wonderful, fizzy refreshment, you find yourself scrambling through the cutlery draw trying to desperately remember the last time you used it.
If this is something that happens to you then how about turning the entire cutlery draw’s contents into bottle openers? Sounds crazy but a group of designers from San Diego, Kevin Newburg and Stephen Grinalds, have created Brew Cutlery. 
Each utensil - knife, spoon, fork - comes with a built in bottle opener in the bottom. A simple idea that ensures you never have to scramble to find a bottle opener again. 
The designers are currently looking to fund the production of the Brew Cutlery through a crowd funding campaign. If successful they expect the product to be available by June 2014. 
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