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A Modern Bouquet Garni Inspired By A Chicken Leg

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A Modern Bouquet Garni Inspired By A Chicken Leg

A classic recipe for chicken stock will always call for a bouquet garni, a bundle of herbs wrapped in cheesecloth. This methods works great  but let's be honest: how many of us actually have cheesecloth lying around the kitchen?

That's why we were thrilled to come across the Pulke (pronounced pool-kay), a modern herb infuser inspired by  a humble chicken leg. Aside from being utterly adorable, this kitchen tool is pretty handy at adding loads of flavor to your dishes while keeping herbs out of your teeth.

Dig this design? You can thank OTOTO design studio in Israel for this innovative herb infuser. Swing by their website to check out other groovy kitchen tools like the umbrella tea infuser and flower power steam releaser.

Via Design Boom

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