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Magnetic Beer Strips - Store More Cold Ones in the Fridge

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Magnetic Beer Strips - Store More Cold Ones in the Fridge

Opening the fridge only to watch your beer bottles come crashing out all over the floor is one of life’’s little irritants. There’s been a few gadgets invented to stop this happening, one gadget that featured on the UK Television show Dragon’s Den.

One of the latest gadgets trying to fix this issue is the simple Bottle Loft, a strong magnetic strip that can be stuck to the top of a fridge.

People simple place the bottles under the magnet and they stick directly to the roof of the fridge, a simple and space saving way of storing your cold beers.

The video shows the magnets in action and anyone questioning their strength will be happy to see how well they hold the beer. The way the guy sticks six fresh bottle to the strip in just seconds is cool enough for an impulse purchase, the fact it takes the beers off the shelf to leave more room for food in the fridge make it useful enough to justify the purchase to your spouse.

The Bottle Loft, which was funded through contributions on Kick Starter, costs $37.99 for two strips that hold three bottles each. It can be ordered online.

Watch the invention in action below. 

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