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Anthony Bourdain Finally Got His Bob Kramer Knife

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Anthony Bourdain Finally Got His Bob Kramer Knife

When Anthony Bourdain went to visit Bob Kramer, the master of chef knives, we all fell in love with his hand crafted blades, including Bourdain it seems.

In a recent post on his Facebook page, Bourdain says he has finally received his knife after “years of waiting”.

“800 layers of pounded meteorite and steel”, writes Bourdain, who also posted a picture of his new kitchen treasure.

If you’re wondering why every chef wants to own one of these knives you really have to watch the video below.

Watch as Kramer himself explains how they’re made and just what makes them so unique.

Anyone desperate to get their hands on one can order a knife online, but they're not easy to acquire and they can cost an awful lot of money. 

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