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The Perfect Cup of Tea Will Cost You $12,000

By FDL on

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The Perfect Cup of Tea Will Cost You $12,000

A new gadget that promises to brew the perfect cup of tea could soon be on sale for the monster price tag of £7,700 ($12,989).

The BKON Craft Brewer cooks up a cup of tea in just a minute using a system called Reverse Atmospheric Infusion. This involves removing air from the brewer to create a vacuum - the pressure caused by this forces certain gases to be released from the loose tea leaves inside and it’s this release that is apparently key to making a superior tasting tea.

The new system will allow tea to infuse at much lower temperatures than usual and the company say this adds to creating a unique, smoother finish.

With the tea boom still expected to explode this year, it seems the gadget is aimed at the commercial market as more and more businesses are expected to turn to tea for profit.

Here's a video that explains how the device works.

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