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Boil Water and Charge Your Mobile

By FDL on

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Boil Water and Charge Your Mobile

If you’re an avid camper or you just like funky gadgets then you’re going to love the Biolite KettleCharge that can charge your electronic devices using electricity from the heat of boiling water.

The clever device creates the electricity using something called a Thermoelectric Generator, which uses the difference between hot and cold within the device to create a charge of 10 Watts.

The company behind Biolite claim a 15 minute charge from their device will provide up to 5 hours talk time on your mobile device - perhaps not if you’re playing Angry Birds on full brightness.

This is the latest device in a whole mix of Biolite products that use electricity from the heat we generate while camping to charge our increasingly power hungry devices. They have already developed a camp stove that creates electricity from flames to charge, something they used as part of a social enterprise project. 

The kettle charger costs $149.95 so it's probably one for the more avid camper, or that one in the group who just can’t live without constant social media updates.

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    Great device!!! Technology is really boon for everyone.

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