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Convert Your Organic Food Waste into Energy

By FDL on

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Convert Your Organic Food Waste into Energy

Energy - one of those costs that we all encounter and one that always seems to be rising. Waste - a content problem that we’re always trying to reduce.

Step in Home Biogas, a company who say they have developed the first biogas unit for the home that will take food waste and turn it directly into energy.

The makers, who are currently raising funds to launch the project through IndieGoGo, say that the unit can convert organic waste into around ‘2-4 hours of cooking and 5 to 8 litres of liquid fertiliser per day.”

Having your very own renewable energy source in the garden may seem a little overboard but as more and more people look to reduce their footprint, these type of solutions are actually perfect.

Early backers can pick up a unit for $890 while those who wait until the crowd funding campaign is over will be expected to pay around $1500 retail price.

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