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The best Wine iPhone and iPad Apps

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The best Wine iPhone and iPad Apps
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Drinking and dialing can lead to social disasters, but when choosing wines a smartphone may just be your best companion.

Using your cell phone while drinking wine might not be a great idea. The alcohol might make you send a message to the wrong person, or convince you to say something that you’d never say sober. But if your phone is a smartphone, things might be different.

For example, you can now download the Wine Snob app for iPhone and iPad and read reviews of wines you’ve drunk on your travels around the world, geo-localized by the name and address of the wine store or restaurant where you first tasted them, and even read up on what kind of food they should be paired with. Or you can buy the Pocket Wine app, a compendium able to transform you into a master sommelier at the swipe of a touchscreen.

At almost $900, having the world of wine on your iPhone isn’t cheap: the amount necessary to buy all of the over 450 Apple smartphone applications which can teach you something about labels, bouquets, vintages, areas of production and feature all kinds of other advice for those who just can’t wait to drink a glass.

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