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NASA Chef Knives “Best on Planet”

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NASA Chef Knives “Best on Planet”

The makers of a new NASA-tested knife claim it stays sharper five times longer than any of the best chef knives on the market.

The Knasa, by Habitat, is made of an ultra-hard metal alloy developed by Caltech and tested by NASA on several space flights that’s twice as strong as Titanium, meaning the Knasa is one of the sharpest and most durable knives on the market. However, it comes in at a fraction of the price compared to some of the top chef knives, at under $100.

The knife is also self-sharpening and is highly versatile the makers claim, meaning it can be your go to knife for any kitchen task, whether that be chopping vegetables or carving meat. They claim it is “the best knife on the planet.”

Habitat currently has a Kickstarter campaign underway to bring the Knasa to market and is halfway to reaching its $20,000 target. Watch the knife in action below.

One small cut for man, one giant slice for mankind.

If you're craving more chef knife porn you might also want to check out Bob Kramer, maker of what are widely regarded to be some of the best chef knives in the world – watch him give a sharpening masterclass below and see more knife sharpening here.

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