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Bye, Bye Plastic! Hello Beeswax Food Wrap

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Bye, Bye Plastic! Hello Beeswax Food Wrap
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A Beeswax Wrap That Makes Food Last Longer

Have you been searching for an eco-friendly substitute for plastic wrap? Make your kitchen more sustainable with a beeswax food saving wrap. This totally natural product works just like plastic wrap except it is washable and reusable for up to a year.

How can that be? It's all thanks to the fact that this special wrap is made from a cotton-hemp fabric blend treated with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. The process involves letting the sheets cure overnight but the final product is astounding: an antibacterial food wrap that is resistant to air and water.

Who Invented The Beeswax Food Wrap

This particular brand of reusable beeswax food wrap is called Abeego and was created by Toni Desrosiers, a nutrionist-turned-inventor who is based in Canada.

"We've only used plastic wrap for about 60 years but we've been storing food for thousands. So I just investigated the natural ways we kept and preserved food before plastic wrap," she says in this interview with The Rush, a Vancouver-based television show.

How To Use The Beeswax Food Wrap

This awesome beeswax wrap can be used in the same exact way you would plastic wrap. Use it to wrap sandwiches or leftover produce, store herbs, or cover salad bowls, name it. Need more ideas? Check out this list of uses.

When it is at room temperature the beeswax wrap will be slightly sticky but once it goes in the fridge it will harden and keep it's shape. It's completely breathable so it helps food last longer. To reuse simply wash with water and dish soap and let air dry.

Where To Find It 

The Abeego beeswax food wrap is sold in two ways: a variety pack with includes a 7" x 7" small sheet, 10" x 10" medium sheet and 13" x 13" large sheet.

Or you can order the giant pack which brings a giant sheet measuring 13" x 20". Find it here where it retails from $15 to $18.


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