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Have A Brewing Question? Sending A Beer Text

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Have A Brewing Question? Sending A Beer Text
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Next time you have a question about beer, getting the answer can be as easy as sending a text. Thanks to BeerText.Us, a digital encyclopedia of brewing is right at your fingertips. 

To acess the data on BeerText.Us you simply send a text message with the name of the beer in question to 315-670-4711. In a matter of seconds, a text will appear in your inbox with a detailed explanation of the beer's history, alcohol content and ingredients. So far, BeetText.US is only available in the United States and covers American beers and a few exports. Keep in mind regular text messaging fees apply. 

We're sure it's just a matter of time until beer lovers around the world catch on to the idea. In the meantime, brush up on beer basics with our A to Z guide: 26 Things To Know About Beer. If you want to serve beer in a unique pint glass, check out the beer/shot glass, a must have for parties.

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