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The Beer Slushie Maker

By FDL on

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The Beer Slushie Maker

New warm beer solutions appear every summer with new devices aimed at cooling your hot day drink of choice. Icing the glass, keeping cans cool underground, a machine to inject frosty goodness - we’ve seen a lot.

What we certainly didn’t imagine is to see a mix of slushy technology with beer. Created by the Japanese beer brand Krin, this new device does just that, taking all the goodness of a slushy and the fizzy love of an ice cold beer and mixing them together.

The Frozen Beer Slushie Maker lets people add a frozen beer head to their beer, keeping your beer chilled for longer.

The device can also be used to inject a much needed cold hit when beer is too warm. They cost $65 but can you really put a price on having frozen beer head on tap? Probably not.

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