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This Unique Beer Is Made With Tree Branches

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This Unique Beer Is Made With Tree Branches
Photo Prairie Sun Brewery/Facebook

More than ever craft brewers are seeking new ways to create unique beers. We’ve seen beer made with things like chocolate, black garlic and even smoked brains (yes, it’s true!). Now a new beer made from tree branches has hit the market.

Aimed at nature lovers, the Meewasin 80 beer is made by Canadian brewery Prairie Sun Brewery. Their special ingredient? Branches from local pine and spruce which they say adds a special 'sweetness' and aroma.

Sarah Farthing/Twitter

But what does the beer taste like? Here’s what Prairie Sun’s Cameron Sawa told CTV News:

“It’s nice beer for spring time…it’s got a nice lighter body, it’s a little bit lower in alcohol so on a sunny day you can have one or two. It’s based on a witbier style so usually it has some citrusy flavors but because it’s trail inspired it’s got some earthy, herbal notes and woodsy flavors.’’

The Meewasin 80 was inspired by a project to expand the Meewasin Trail in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The project would add 10 miles to the trail which connects two public parks but over $1million dollars to get it done. Prairie Sun will donate all the proceeds from their Meewasin 80 to the project. Now you can drink beer for a good cause. Cheers!

Via Grist & CTV News

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