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$400 and You Can Chill Your Beer in 10 Seconds

By FDL on

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$400 and You Can Chill Your Beer in 10 Seconds

If having constant access to an icy cold beer is a priority for you in life then you need to get yourself one of these guy gadgets from Hammacher.

Costing $400, the Beer Glass Froster is a simple device that can frost up the warmest of beer glasses in just 10 seconds.

It’s connected to a tank of CO2 that kicks out a frosty coating whenever a glass is placed under the nozzle of the froster.

The gadget will clamp directly onto a work top or kitchen counter, allowing you to show off your pub style beer chiller in style.

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    Great!!! It can be useful for bars,hotels and restaurants where they have to warm glasses continuously.
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