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The Hi Tech Beer Frother

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The Hi Tech Beer Frother

We've all had to finish that last part of a beer when there's just no head left...a few sporadic bubbles and what seems like a completely flat and lifeless beer. In most cases it's swiftly finished before a frothier pint is ordered, however, that's not the case if you live in Japan.

That's because in Japan you have a choice of 3 products that help to kick some life into beer and maintain a creamy head throughout.

Designed by Takara Tomy Arts the first device is a called Sonic Hour - fill the lid of the device with a little water, place the beer on top and hit the button. A small vibration is then sent through the glass as the beer erupts with lovely fresh bubbles.

There's also a glass that can send a shock to your beer whenever it's needed and a special pourer for the top of cans to ensure you get a great head when pouring.

It seems they're pretty serious about eradicating flat beer across Japan.

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