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BBQ Sauces from Guy Fieri

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BBQ Sauces from Guy Fieri


We’ve covered lots of BBQ stories recently getting everyone ready for grilling season. From the $50,000 BBQ boat to recipes and books on how to BBQ better we have covered most of the stories around.

People BBQ because they’re fun and a great convivial event to enjoy with friends and family – but sometimes you want to have one quickly and as much as we agree with making your own food when you can, sometimes it’s nice to reach for a pre-made sauce.

That’s why we wanted to show you these great gourmet BBQ sauces from the American restaurateur, author and Food Network presenter Guy Fieri. The sauces come in four flavours, Kansas City Barbeque Sauce, Bourbon Brown Sugar, Carolina #6 and Pacific Rim Wok Sauce.


We’ve highlighted these sauces because of the great reviews they’re receiving online. They can be applied to a variety of meats and will speed up the process for those spontaneous summer BBQS when you fancy a quick together with friends but don’t fancy the long hours preparing your own marinades. 

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