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6 BBQ Cooking Accessories

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6 BBQ Cooking Accessories

As grilling season starts to ramp up it's an ideal time to refresh your technique and equipment to ensure you get off to the season with a flying start. 

Arm yourself with some key BBQ accessories from fire cooking books to essential and fun acccessories, and you'll soon be cooking on gas.

And if you're after putting your skills to the test with your new found grilling prowess, here are some of the world's best BBQ events and competitions and some recipes to test your talent.

Happy cooking!

1. Fire Cooking Cookbooks

Boost your BBQ knowledge with fire-centric cookbooks that teach the art and skill of cooking over fire and coals from Latin American techniques to long and slow. Here are the four books of the season.

2. AMOS BBQ Barbecue Grill Branding Iron 

Steak your claim on your favourite piece of meat by branding it with your name with these fun grill branding iron and letters.

Available here.

3. Meat claws

Grrrrrr.. Get to grips with your meat with a pair of bear claws, perfect for shredding pulled pork and also double up nicely as a pair of salad claws.

Available here.

4. Rotisserie Set

A great bit of kit for larger pieces of meat you want to cook gently over the fire. Make sure you get one with an automatic turning motor to save your arm work.

Available here 

5. Meat Thermometer

Perfecting that steak is all down to temperature control. Pick up a meat thermometer like the iGrill to maintain accurate control over the temperature of your cook.

Available here

6. BBQ Tools

Want to look like a pro ? Arrive at the BBQ armed with your case of essential grilling tools and your guests will know you mean business.

Cuisinart BBQ Tool Set available here

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