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Obama's Presidential Food Memorabilia

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Obama's Presidential Food Memorabilia
Photo Obama Foodarama

They say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Is the same true in politics? Could a politician really woo voters with food? Well, it seems that is just what President Barack Obama wants to do through his slew of presidential food memorabilia.

With the upcoming presidential election in the United States, Barack Obama is playing all of his cards. That includes luring foodies with things like a pint glass set for beer, martini glasses, and mugs with his administration's logo and campaign slogans. Of course, the sale of all of these items also helps fundraise for his presidential campaign.

The president himself is a foodie. He has gone down in history as being the first U.S. president to have beer brewed in the White House. The beer is made with honey from the South Lawn, which is collected from beehives near First Lady Michelle Obama's vegetable garden.

Do you find Obama's presidential food memorabilia appealing?

Via Obama Foodarama

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