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Bacon Playing Cards and Poker Chips

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Bacon Playing Cards and Poker Chips

If you're a bit of a bacon aficionado like myself then you're probably well aware of the necessity to adorn one's own body with a ridiculous range of Baccessories. I posses a trusty bacon wallet (actually a thing) and an entire range of bacon t-shirts allowing me to switch colors and designs, ranging from classic pictures of Bacon Sundays to more complex designs like step-by-step guides for weaving the perfect bacon brick, yes, in the world of high level swine, bacon bricks are a very really thing.

This is all without mention of my bacon pillow, 'fitted with real life bacon scent releasers'.  It offers a terrible nights sleep but set the scent timer in the guest bedroom for 8am and it's the perfect practical joke. Guests will rush to the kitchen every time, a hungry bacon crazed look in their eyes, you know the one - after all - they've just woken to sweet smell of bacon. It's at this point their world comes crashing down, because what they actually find is me, me whistling as I lay down a gleaming bowl of fresh greek yoghurt placed alongside dried fruits, nuts and what has to be one of the healthiest looking breakfast offerings in the world. It's the classic granola bait and switch, it works every time and most people quickly remember, there's no bacon sharing at our house. 

What I'm actually saying while I get nostalgic about my collection of baccessories, is that bacon products really are invading almost every market place and the latest to find itself held up in a bacon invasion is gambling. At least that's if the bacon army can assemble in enough cash to fund this Kickstarter project for a set of Bacon Playing Cards and Bacon Poker Chips.

Proposed by Wesley Klein from Baconery and David Goldklang from Vända Cards, the idea is to print an entire deck of custom designed bacon playing cards. There's even the option to buy a set of limited edition cards that will be printed by the makers of the world famous Bicycle Cards. The team have even created a game to work specifically with the deck.

The back of the cards have a beautiful bacon weave design and the fronts feature a range of quotes that, although anyone one who has been to any serious bacon conventions will have heard before, do offer some serious bacon insight. My personal favorite, "Even Pigs Like Bacon, Fact". 

The bacon playing cards project has so far recieved $14,000 of a $20,000 goal pledged by 488 bacon loving backers.

And here it is, the aforementioned building block of our rapidly growing swine based society, behold...The Bacon Brick! (Que dramatic trumpet based esemble).


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