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The Bacon Toaster

By FDL on

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The Bacon Toaster

Meat eaters love bacon, it’s just one of the commonly accepted things in the universe, like gravity. And it's this love for bacon that drives the wide array of crazy bacon related products that seem to hit the market almost daily. 

The latest of these is a toaster that’s made to cook bacon, yes, a bacon toaster to pop in a few slices in the morning and grab your perfectly crisp bacon as it pops.

The Bacon Express

It cooks up six slices of bacon, costs $40 and can catch all the bacon fat in a simple drawer at the bottom - something that will surely make that bacon hit a little more healthy.

The pictures might appear to be a bit of a joke but the video below shows the Bacon Express in action as it tuns out what looks like well cooked slices.

We’re not sure what to think about this, but in a world of climate controlled bacon cases, it sort of makes sense.

  • redazioneFdl said on

    Hi Laurel. Try here =>

  • Laurel said on

    How wonderful bacon cooked perfect every time it shall make my husband very happy. Where can I buy this wonder machine?

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