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Backstage Photo from El Bulli Restaurant

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Backstage Photo from El Bulli Restaurant

Taken from Alessandra Tinozzi’s blog entry in 2009, after finally achieving her dream of capturing the great Spanish chef in his own restaurant. It wasn’t easy.

I arrived at dinner with a pillow and the determination of a shot arrow. For months, it had been my aim to photograph Ferran while lying down on a pillow, to win over this absolute genius, a surprising and explosive man who rarely takes a rest. After 46 courses, he actually said yes.

He chose the electric stovetop of his kitchen as a location, but since it was still warm after the dinner service, he laid down. He was immobile but hardly surrendered, he raised his left eyebrow and shot me a devilish look.

Taken from the blog On the pillow, by Alessandra Tinozzi.

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