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The Avocado Sock Ripens Fruit in a Day

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The Avocado Sock Ripens Fruit in a Day

The moment had to come when our fondness for avocados would spawn more effective ideas to shorten the waiting game. Waiting for that moment when that dimpled skin finally yields under gentle pressure and it's time to get to work smashing the buttery flesh onto toast.

Enter the $14.99 organic woollen sock that the producer's claim cuts down the avocado ripening process to as little as one day.

So, if you've managed to cheat avocado hand and your passion for the creamy fleshed green fruit is simply being held back by the prohibitive ripening speed, these dinky knitted avocado sacks are probably what your world has been waiting for.

Each knitted sock cocoons an individual avocado inside a 100 percent knitted wool where the natural lanolin and warmth of the wool ripen avocados evenly and gently and apparantly faster than the paper bag trick.

The Avocado Sock


“The Avocado Sock is an all-natural, effective way to ensure you have a perfectly ripe avocado every single time,” reads the description of the product on its website. “Simply insert an un-ripened avocado into the sock, and in as little as 24 hours, it will be ready to enjoy.

The socks come in a range of four colours, nutmeg, olive, pewter, and tusk and retail at $14.99. Find the details here.

24 hours seem a day too long? Try this method that promises ripe avocadoes in as little as 10 minutes.

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