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Gastronaut: Astronaut Ice Cream

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Gastronaut: Astronaut Ice Cream
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A winning pun can go a long way. Astronaut ice cream was originally developed in the golden age of 20th century space travel, but allegedly never actually made it off Earth. Now, a New York man is reviving it as an organic, artisanal product. And he’s called it Gastronaut.

Robert Collignon started making his own freeze–dried ice cream a couple of years ago and since then has been travelling the US developing his brand of astronaut ice cream. He claims it’s the world’s first organic freeze–dried ice cream and he makes it in his apartment in Upstate New York currently, using Blue Marble ice cream from Brooklyn. And it's unmeltable.


“The freeze-drying process seems space-age and blows people’s minds, but scientifically it’s somewhat simple and it’s all-natural,” he told Munchies. “Freeze-drying allows you to maintain the structure because the ice cream doesn’t actually melt; it goes straight into a gas state and leaves all the air pockets.”

Collignon has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which has already raised tens of thousands of dollars, to enable him to bring Gastronaut to market and shift the production process out of his apartment. He’ll be selling at the recently opened Museum of Ice Cream in Brooklyn, as well as shippping internationally, and the spaceman ice cream comes in three flavours currently: mint choc chip, Mexican choc chip and cookies and cream.

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