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Around The Tuscan Table and Other Tales

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Around The Tuscan Table and Other Tales
Photo Bas Leenders/Flickr

Have you ever wondered what it's like to enjoy a family dinner in Tuscany? We've found a special book that will take you there in a heartbeat.

Around the Tuscan Table: Food, Family and Gender in Twentieh-Century Florence is a non-fiction book written by American food anthropologist Carole Counihan. The author spent more than two decades experiencing life in Florence and the nearby island of Sardinia.

The book is based on recorded interviews Counihan conducted with the extended family of her long-term boyfriend (and later husband), all of whom were settled in Florence.

Around The Tuscan Table is divided into 10 chapters that explore the roots of Florentine cuisine, the sense of community created by diet and culture, and the role of women in this dynamic, among other things.

Counihan offers a fascinating look at life in Florence, a place that was ravaged during World War II but has grown to have world-renown cuisine.  Here's a preview of the book but you can order a copy on Amazon.

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